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  • LearnspirationTM was formed by successful, like-minded individuals who believe strongly in people and teams.

    LearnspirationTM built its unique Experiential Self-Discovery Framework – Train YourselfTM – through a perfect blend of 3 aspects:

    Aspect 1:

    Understanding of human behavioral patterns gained through countless interactions with individuals across varied walks of life and with teams in sensitive business roles, across geographies.

    Aspect 2:

    Business experience in designing and executing strong immersive real-life experiences for tens of thousands of people of all age groups.

    Aspect 3:

    Knowledge & wisdom from global experts in various fields in humanitarian studies.

    LearnspirationTM brings you the NEXT-GEN learning and development experiences across an organization.

    Our unique Reverse Learning Approach is well accepted and have received acclaims from some of the well-known corporates and start-ups at various levels of employees. Our corporate training programs are customized, fun-based and non-conventional. We have built 10+ unique offerings each with different objectives and capabilities catering to 31 soft skills, besides 6900+ training possibilities.

    Learnspiration, with a team of experts, has designed 10+ Transformative Experiences, which are of impact, highly immersive and high intensity. These experiences impact strong learnings, where participants go through the journey of self-development.

    Learnspiration creates an unbiased Environment in order to help participants look within and identify areas of improvement, to enhance the effectiveness. Our participants and clients have witnessed significant and positive behavioural changes, resulting in quantitative and qualitative improvements in productivity.


It is a unique learning and development program aimed at the individual’s performance by involving themselves in the training methodology. Unlike, the traditional methods of either a classroom procedure or a training system by which you impart the skills to the participants by the trainers.

We established a cordial environment in the organization whereby the participants are encouraged to communicate freely with not only the internal customers but also the external ones. The objective is to improve interaction and communication skills in an efficient and mature manner.


Per Forbes report, companies waste billions of dollars every year on ineffective training as traditional learning methods and approaches have proven ineffective to create an impact.

The foundation of our programs lies in creating strong immersive experiences where you can apply your skills at the same time as you are develop them, making the program effective with well-defined take-aways.


Our programs are uniquely designed for intuitive learning through our Experiential Self-DiscoveryTM Framework. So, YOU are the Best Trainers. We focus on facilitating the learning process.


Stories are the currency of human connect. Our Experiences are completely story-based (NOT just activity-based like other training programs), making them more immersive, interesting and engaging.

The matter of explaining what makes our program better for your company than other programs is simple, if you consider the facts.


Our products are customized, fun-based and non-conventional, we have built 10+ unique and individual offerings, each with different objectives and capabilities, with an individualistic approach to each participant of the learning and development program through several team-based programs and external team outings.


Our focus is based on the principals of the reverse learning approach, but the participants are the real trainers, we just help the participants in the learning process.

We have devised certain programs aimed at furthering the learning of the development process of the leadership category involving management personnel. We have, in our repertoire, certain unique programs that would help the leadership team to enhance further the skills in meeting the corporate objectives, processes, and initiatives.


Communication is the blood line of any relationship, team and an organization. Effective communication lies in understanding what is not said and not just what is said.

This program focuses on building effective inter-personal communication amongst the cohort.


As old wisdom says, talent wins games. Teamwork win championships. A team that plays together, stays together. We have created a set of unique, fun-filled workshop focused on team bonding.


While the conventional definition of management is learning how to get work done through people. We believe that real management lies in developing people through work.

Refine your management skills through an interesting array of activities that could .


Leadership is a quality that every individual needs to possess. Leadership is not a positional attribute but a practical one.

We have designed a set of novel experiences to refine your leadership skills through collective wisdom and a world-class experiential framework.


A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Evolutionarily, man is built to take risks. We have built a set of activities that are path-breaking & help re-defining your limits.

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